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Portland Center Stage Cheap Seats

Saw “Apollo” at Portland Center stage yesteday afternoon for “pay what you will” – apparently, what you pay for the first sunday matinee for mainstage shows is up to you – Starts at $1, suggested donation is $8.00 – Cheap!

You can also try for rush seats at $10 a pop for nearly any show. Tickets are released 10-15 mins before show time. It’s best to get there early and get in line – I usually go 45mins to an hour beforehand and have always gotten in.

Do any other theaters offer rush seats?


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January 1st, 2009 | SEE Blog – Anne Bogart

In the autumn of 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and in a momentary suspension in the onslaught of the events, anything was possible. It was not prescribed that Eastern Europe would chose capitalism as the inevitable new system upon which it would build its future. Although vast international corporate interests were ready to pounce and profit from the regime change, for just a few moments the once communist countries might have chosen an alternative to unbridled capitalism. Ultimately the crunch and pressure of all the forces conspiring towards unrestrained capitalism won the day.

via January 1st, 2009 | SEE Blog.

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Portland Theater – Get onstage the EZ Way

Someday Lounge offers
SOMEDAY INCUBATOR —8pm, FREE! at the door which i believe is your 5-10 minutes of performance in front of a captive audience. Once a month, looks like. See

A long running monthly showcase of dance, monologue, storytelling, clown performace, roller skating, hula-hoop dancing, you name it! You can be a part of it. Monthly. Full houses, to boot! To watch, get there by house opening at 8:30 to get a seat.

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