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Test Your Women’s History IQ Take the Quiz, Pass It On | Girl with Pen

1. In 2009, women make up what percent of the U.S. Congress?
A.  3%
B.  17%
C.  33%
D.  50%

2. How many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are female?
A. 12
B. 28
C. 59
D. 84

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Modern Love – A Memory Magically Interrupted –

My BF’s ma has just been diagnosed – so within the heartbreak there is some levity and healing. This article really reflects that

“YOUR grandmother has Alzheimer’s, right?” the doctor asked me, scrawling notes into a floppy manila folder.

I hadn’t expected to discuss my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s with him. I was hoping to hear some explanation as to why, apart from her memory, my grandmother’s overall health seemed so mysteriously improved. Her lupus, for instance, had all but disappeared from her blood work.

“Yes, but …” I began.

“Well, there is a theory,” he said, interrupting, “that people with Alzheimer’s heal themselves of their diseases. Because they forget they have them.”

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