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Just back from Mardi Gras

and all fascinated with Parades, Krewes and Mardi Gras history!

Saw Krewe of Eris, Orpheus, Rex, Proteus, St Cecelia, St Anne, and who knows what else. Next year I’d love to go earlier to catch the other bigger parades, like Muses and Zulu

We were there for 6 days, finishing out with a Jazz Funeral on Saturday with performances by Alaine Toussaint, Irma Thomas, Charmaine Neville and others. Second line and jazz procession at the end.


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Portland launches the first ever Twisitor center-10 February, 2009

Portland launches the first ever Twisitor center

Port;and has become the first U.S. city to launch an official “Twisitor Center.” This cyber-style cousin to the more traditional walk-in visitor information center relies on Twitter technology to connect travelers with those who can answer their questions and help plan their trips. (Twitter is a free social-networking service that allows subscribers to send and receive short, real-time updates, messages and questions.)

via Portland launches the first ever Twisitor center-10 February, 2009.

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Independent Publishing Resource Center


The IPRC offers access to workspace and tools to aid in the production and distribution of zines and hand-bound books. This includes computer workstations for writing, graphic design & desktop publishing, and high-speed internet access for research and networking purposes; two copiers, four table-top letterpresses, three Gocco printers, and a mimeograph; and various other tools for creating, binding, and assembling publications.

via IPRC : Offerings.

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#ip5 – Twitter Search

#ip5 – Twitter Search.

Ignite Portland ‘Sells’ out of 600 Free tickets in 5 minutes

Ignite Portland site.

Without Twitter I would have completely forgotten about the ticket thing. I did get one, still waiting confirmation email

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Buy-in campaign for Music Millennium – Follow up

From Oregon

Want to help Portland music store Music Millennium? The store’s a favorite among Portland music lovers (I’ve found many a CD there that no one else had, personally), but the economy’s been particularly hard on it. As a result, some Portland music lovers have organized a buy-in day on Feb. 2 — a day in which everyone commits to spending $5 or more at the store.

As Terry Currier, the owner, wrote me in an email:

via Buy-in campaign for Music Millennium – Pop Music – The Oregonian –

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Hubigs Pies New Orleans

We are excited to provide our customers across the country with the sweet taste of a Hubig’s Pie. Please refer to the online store for a full choice of flavors.

Hubig's Pie Order

Hubig's Pie Order

In anticipation of an upcoming trip to New Oreleans for Mardi Gras, of all things. I usually go during non-severe tourist season but the opportunity beat on my door with a sledgehammer.

Hubig’s pies are made in the Bywater – you can smell the factory blocks away. Available at most local stores. Usually by the time I get rolling they’re out of everything but Apple.

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Support Music Millenium buy-in day

Today, feb 2, groundhog day is also Support Music Millenium buy-in day.

Music Millenium is a local music store that consistently supports local musicians and fans with great deals and in-store performances. If you can’t be there in person, you can get gift certificates and shop online!

Music Millenium Gift Certificates

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