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Free Pinball at Ground Kontrol

Went to the New Year’s Free Play with PhilG, Xian and EvilLisa this year. Not too crowded, broke a few machines, and got vertigo from racing across Mars in a purple Jeep!

5:00PM – FREE PLAY Party!

Time for our monthly free-play party! On Last Wednesday each month, Ground Kontrol helps you stretch your gaming dollar by setting all of our video games and pinball tables to FREE play!

Beat your personal best scores, shatter a world record, or just try something new!

21+, $5 cover for FREE GAMES ALL NITE!
Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade
511 NW Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
phone: (503)796-9364
Doors open at 5PM, DJs start at 9PM


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50 things you didn’t know about Michelle Obama – Telegraph

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50 things you didn’t know about Michelle Obama

Here is a list of 50 things you (probably) did not know about America’s new First Lady, Michelle Obama.

By Nick Greene in Washington and Melissa Whitworth in New York

Last Updated: 6:47PM GMT 22 Jan 2009

50 things you didn’t know about Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama declined Barack’s first invitations to go on a date Photo: REUTERS

1. Her nickname is “Miche” (pronounced “Meesh”).

2. Her husband calls her “My Rock”.

3. Her father worked the swing shift in the boiler room at Chicago’s water purification plant.

4. She grew up with her older brother, Craig, and parents in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. She shared the living room with her brother, which was separated by a room divider.

via 50 things you didn’t know about Michelle Obama – Telegraph.

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Portland Center Stage Cheap Seats

Saw “Apollo” at Portland Center stage yesteday afternoon for “pay what you will” – apparently, what you pay for the first sunday matinee for mainstage shows is up to you – Starts at $1, suggested donation is $8.00 – Cheap!

You can also try for rush seats at $10 a pop for nearly any show. Tickets are released 10-15 mins before show time. It’s best to get there early and get in line – I usually go 45mins to an hour beforehand and have always gotten in.

Do any other theaters offer rush seats?

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January 1st, 2009 | SEE Blog – Anne Bogart

In the autumn of 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and in a momentary suspension in the onslaught of the events, anything was possible. It was not prescribed that Eastern Europe would chose capitalism as the inevitable new system upon which it would build its future. Although vast international corporate interests were ready to pounce and profit from the regime change, for just a few moments the once communist countries might have chosen an alternative to unbridled capitalism. Ultimately the crunch and pressure of all the forces conspiring towards unrestrained capitalism won the day.

via January 1st, 2009 | SEE Blog.

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My Ecdysis: Throw Your Shoe at Bush on January 20, 2009

When two shoes were thrown at George Bush by a journalist who had seen enough dying children and blood spilled on his country, I watched in disbelief.

What stunned me further was how people debated – in detail – if this man should be imprisoned or punished. Let’s see what would happen if we could turned the tables. Suppose another country invaded our land in the name of democracy and freedom, and through years and years of violence, shed blood on the bones of civilians and children who were never officially counted or reported about in the news. Might you, filled to the depths of your soul with death and injustice, throw your shoes?

via My Ecdysis: Throw Your Shoe at Bush on January 20, 2009.

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Portland Bargain Hunting

Special merchant samples and more sale Feb 1 2009

Sweet! Bargain Hunting 101

Next Sale: February 1st, 2009 12-6 pm
at the Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside, PDX 97209

From the web site:
Bargain hunting is an opportunity for shoppers to find rare, one-of-a-kind, samples and limited run clothing, furnishings and more. Shoppers can expect to see apparel, art supplies, home and garden furnishings, local designs, unique fashions, premium denim, handmade hats, and other fabulous accessories all at discount and clearance prices.

The downside is of course many local merchants are strapped and some smaller businesses are closing down. So remember to shop local!

See PdxDirect fashion page for more fashion news

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Portland Pinball Map is here for you, proud pinball players of Portland, Oregon.

Previously, we (and maybe also you) were using a google map to keep track of all the machines in town. This google map was good to us; it had a lot of info, and a lot of people viewed it and contributed to it. For a time we thought it was all we’d ever need. But as is typical of users, we began to grow older, and as we did we were curious to discover that our yearnings in life had become more complex and demanding. In matters of pinball maps, these yearnings can be summarized as such: More searching, less aimless browsing. So with this in our hearts, and with a couple of cats by our sides, we caught ourselves up to where we are today – right here.

via Portland Pinball Map.

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